Service account IAM roles

Obtaining CA thumbprint of OIDC provider

AWS IAM identity provider needs to be configured with CA Thumbprint. More specifically, this is a SHA1 fingerprint (in lowercase and without colons) of the root CA certificate.

Thumbprint can be obtained with openssl or other tools, but there couple of shortcuts:

echo | openssl s_client -servername oidc.eks.${REGION}.amazonaws.com -showcerts -connect oidc.eks.${REGION}.amazonaws.com:443 2>&- | tail -r | sed -n '/-----END CERTIFICATE-----/,/-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----/p; /-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----/q' | tail -r | openssl x509 -fingerprint -noout | sed 's/://g' | awk -F= '{print tolower($2)}'

kubergrunt eks oidc-thumbprint --issuer-url $ISSUER_URL


Amazon EKS Best Practices Guide for Security - https://aws.github.io/aws-eks-best-practices/

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