AWS Transit Gateway

A transit gateway is a network transit hub that you can use to interconnect your virtual private clouds (VPC) and on-premises networks.

  • Transit Gateway (TGW) makes it possible to hub-and-spoke network design with multiple VPCs, VPNs, and on-premise networks.

  • TGW acts as hub and other networks connect it. TGW controls routing between networks

  • This makes network management easier when comparing to connecting multiple VPCs with only VPC peering

  • TGWs can be peered with other TGWs with Transit Gateway Peering

Attaching VPC to Transit Gateway

  • Share Transit Gateway resource to target account (which has the VPC to be attached) using AWS Resource Manager principal association

  • Accept the shared resource from target account

  • From target account, attach the VPC to TGW using Transit Gateway VPC attachment

  • Accept the attachment from account which has the VPC


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